Ten Tael Heicha 'Shi Liang Cha', 2010

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Ten tael tea is a fermented tea from Anhua County, Hunan Province, China. It's belongs to a tea style called Hua Juan Cha 花卷茶 and is the smallest weight of the three sizes 10 tael, 100 tael, 1000 tael. Hua Juan Cha is a compressed heicha.

Origin: Anhua County, Hunan, China
Production Date: 2010
Tasting Notes: sweet dark vegetal taste and berry
Western Brewing Parameters: 5 grams in 250mL infuser basket in a mug, 210F for 2 minutes

Eastern Brewing Parameters: 5 grams in 100mL teapot or gaiwan, 210F for 45 seconds

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