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Genmai-cha is a sencha green tea with roasted rice. The sencha is from Hon.yama mountain in Shizouka from the first spring harvest. The rice was also harvested from Hon.yama by the same farmer under organic conditions, using neither chemical fertilizer nor pesticides. The shiny, fine-needle leaves has a much more refined flavor. The rice was crisped to bring out toasted caramels that compliment the vibrant green sencha

Type: Green Blend
Romanization: Genmai chá (玄米茶)
Translation: direct translation is “brown rice tea”
Cultivar: Camellia sinensis var. sinensis ‘Yabukita’
Origin: Hon Yama, Shizouka, Japan
Pluck: first and second leaves
Tea Harvest Date: Spring 2017
Rice Harvest Date: Fall 2017
Flavor Profile: toasted almonds, barley, seaweed, and fresh cut grass.
Recommend Western Brewing Parameters: 5 grams in 250 mL, 195F, 2 min, 3 steeps
Recommended Easter Brewing Parameters: 5 grams in 100mL 195F, 30 seconds, for many steeps.

One package contains 50 grams of loose leaf tea

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