Dragon Menuki Tea Pet

$ 30.00


The Dragon Menuki is a tea pet is like no other, with a nod to the menuki used on samurai sword handles. A change of pace from the traditional yixing clay tea pets, the brass Dragon Menuki has been cast using the lost wax method in Los Angeles, CA. Adam Roe, the sculptor, masterfully captures the dragon’s power and grace with his ability to maintain high levels of detail on a small object.

We love this tea pet as a unique size reference for acknowledging tea leaf length, because it is exactly 2 inches long. When using the gongfucha 'dry pour method' the Dragon Menuki is perfect as a rest for your tea pick (茶针 or chá zhēn).

If you're a dragon lover, this menuki will be a consistent guardian for your your tea collection. Share your Dragon Menuki defending your tea practice by tagging your pictures with #betweensteeps and #quantitea on Instagram.

Added bonus: If your lover is a dragon lover - share your tea pet by hanging it around their neck, there's an eyelet in the dragon’s claw so you can string your menuki on a necklace.

A tea pet is a small figure which is kept by some tea drinkers for good luck. The history of tea pets can be traced back to the Yuan dynasty (1206–1368). Nurture your tea pet by placing it on the tea tray during your tea practice and pouring out the tea over it.

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