• Tea Table Guardian - Dragon Tea Pet
  • Tea Table Guardian - Dragon Tea Pet

Tea Table Guardian - Dragon Tea Pet

$ 100.00


Another piece of fine work by artisan Adam Roe. This Tea Table Guardian is a sizable dragon that vigilantly stands upright while defending your tea table. The dragon is a symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it. Incorporate your Tea Table Guardian into your ceremony by offering it the dregs of your tea.

Paying homage to the menuki used on samurai sword handles this intricate brass tea pet was designed, hand-sculpted, and cast by artisan Adam Roe in Los Angeles, CA, using the lost wax method.

A tea pet is a small figure which is kept by some tea drinkers for good luck. The history of tea pets can be traced back to the Yuan dynasty (1206–1368). Nurture your tea pet by placing it on the tea tray during your tea practice and pouring out the tea over it.

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