Our Story

Quantitea is for the curious tea drinkers that want more than stories. We sell premium single origin loose leaf tea and we give you the details.

Quantitea is the passion project of Chris and Josh. They bonded over tea at work and share a mutual desire to make excellent tea accessible.

Chris’s tea journey began when he went to his favorite cafe in 2005. After two side-by-side cups of tea, he was blown away by their flavor. So different, yet from the same plant. Processing technique, cultivar, terrior, season, and brew method all greatly affect a cup of tea.  But why isn’t this information readily available by tea retailers? After years of drinking tea and solidifying relationships with tea suppliers he started taking steps forward in building the tea business. By day he is a product manager in advertising tech. Any free moment he has, he’s researching tea or refining his tea serving skills.

Josh has been drinking tea for many years but didn’t quite know where to start when it came to learning more. Passion for technology and continuous learning, he joined Quantitea to step up our tech game. By day he is a developer and amateur powerlifter and uses the time between sets to drink tea.

Located in San Francisco, California
Available globally

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