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Quantitea sells premium, single-origin loose leaf tea, and provides the deep details to tea drinkers who want more than stale, store-bought tea.

Chris’s affection for tea budded in 2005 at his favorite cafe in San Luis Obispo. While drinking two cups of tea, side-by-side, he was blown away by the difference in flavor. So different, yet from the same plant! As he learned that processing technique, cultivar, terrior, season, and brew method all greatly affect a cup of tea, he thought, why isn’t this information readily available from tea retailers?

After years of pursuing answers to these questions and solidifying relationships with tea suppliers, Chris made the leap to providing high-quality teas to enlighten and satisfy curious tea drinkers. Every waking moment outside of his day job as Product Manager in advertising tech is spent researching tea and refining Quantitea’s offerings.

Located in San Francisco, California
Available globally

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