• Tea flight gift set/ Tea sampler gift set - Twelve packets of single origin loose leaf tea with mug and infuser basket
  • Tea flight / Tea sampler - Twelve packets of single origin loose leaf tea
  • Tea flight is easy to use with the included infuser and mug

Twelve Loose Leaf Tea Gift Set

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The 12 Loose Leaf Tea Starter set is all that you need to get started on a new tea tasting adventure. There are 6 different types of tea based on processing methods. We curated 12 loose leaf tea flight, 2 teas in each type, to give you a better understanding of the diversity found within the 6 types of tea.

New tea drinkers will have a better understanding of the diversity of tea by enjoying this flight. The flight contain packets optimized for a standard mug with infuser basket.


It includes:

  • 12 Loose Leaf Tea Flight - see below for the tea selection!
  • Glass Mug
  • Stainless Steel Infuser Basket
  • Gift Box
The 12 Loose Leaf Tea Flight includes pre-weighed loose leaf tea packets with brewing instructions and tasting notes:
  • Silver Needle 'Bai Hao Yinzhen' (White tea)
  • White Peony 'Bai Mu Dan' (White tea)
  • Spring Pekoe (Green tea)
  • Green Snail Spring 'Biluochun' (Green tea)
  • Silver Needles of Gentlemen Mountain 'Junshan Yinzhen' (Yellow tea)
  • Yellow Sprouting 'Huoshan Huang Ya' (Yellow tea)
  • Phoenix Mountain Oolong 'Fenghuang Shan Wulong' (Oolong tea)
  • Iron Goddess of Mercy 'Tieguanyin' (Oolong tea)
  • Golden Monkey 'Jin Hua Cha' (Red/Black tea)
  • Red Gold Spirals 'Hong Jin Luo' (Red/Black tea)
  • Qiao Mu Lao Sheng Puer Cha, 2001 (Puer, Post-fermented tea)
  • Old Shu Puer Tea Nugget 'Lao Cha Tou', 2004 (Puer, Post-fermented tea)