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Duck Shit Fragrance Oolong Tea - Phoenix Mountain Dancong

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Duckshit Fragrance (Ya Shi Xiang) tea received its name by the original farmer who wanted to hide the success of the tea from fellow farmers. Tea plants can be cloned by taking clippings and nurtured then nurtured to mature tea trees. Duck shit Fragrance is a style of oolong from the yashixiang cultivar (dancong 单枞) tea trees that grow in the Phoenix Mountains. Dancong is the general style of tea from the area and also means it's from the same cultivar and garden. 

We're excited about this tea's pleasant balance of floral notes, oxidation level and slight toastiness that lingers on your breath long after you finished.

Romanization: Yā Shǐ Xiāng chá (鴨屎香)
Translation: direct translation is “Duckshit Fragrance or Duckshit Aroma”
Type: Wulong (Oolong)
Mountain: Fenghuangshan
Cultivar: Camellia sinensis var. sinensis ‘Ya Shi Xiang’
Origin: Wudong Village, Guangdong, China
Pluck: first three leaves
Plant Age: about 60 years
Harvest Date: 04/06/2016
Processing Style: Classic Dancong wulong process, lightly roasted twice using using a low heat charcoal fire.
Flavor Profile: Floral notes, apricot, raw sugar

Recommend Western Brewing Parameters: 5 grams in 250 mL, 205F, 2 min, 4 steeps
Recommended Eastern Brewing Parameters: 5 grams in 100mL 205F, 15 seconds, for many steeps

Duckshit Fragrance Dancong Wulong tea tree

Entrance to Wudong Village

Phoenix Mountain Dancong Oolong - High above Wudong Village - Duckshit Fragrance