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E'mei Mountain Su Mao Feng

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One package contains 50 grams of loose leaf tea

E'mei Su Mao Feng (峨嵋山素毛峰) is a pan-roasted curled green tea from was grown by a small collective of growers and tea masters called Ding Ding Xiang from E'mei Mountain. It's blended from a few farms and hand-processed resulting in a full-bodied green tea famous in Sichuan, China.

This tea has vibrant vegetal notes of snap peas, fresh grass, and sea grass. The liquor is thick and quenching with leaves you salivating while you think of spring.

It can be brewed in a gaiwan or 'grandpa style' in a large glass and drunk without removing the tea leaves.

Plant: Camellia sinensis var. sinensis
Type: Green
Origin: Sichuan, Hunan Province, China
Harvest Date: Spring 2015
Plucking Standard: bud and first two leaves
Process: Withering, Pan-firing, Shaping, Drying
Mug and Infuster Brewing Parameters: 5g tea, 175F for 2 min, 3 steeps