• Gyokuro from Uji-Tawara
  • Gyokuro from Uji-Tawara
  • Gyokuro from Uji-Tawara

Gyokuro from Uji-Tawara

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The perfect gateway tea to introduce you to Gyokuro. It was grown in a shade covered garden in the famous Uji-Tawara area of Kyôto. It was handpicked from unpruned tea trees and was processed to produce this brilliant, fragrant tea. You'll experience exquisite umami on your palate. The flavor profile is profoundly fresh blanched greens with hints of fruit.

Origin : Uji-Tawara Community, Kyôto, Japan
Cultivar : Gokô
Harvest : May 2018, handpicked

One package contains 50 grams of loose leaf tea

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