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Japanese Green Tea Flight

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We put this flight together to give tea drinkers a better understanding of Japanese green teas. These four green teas are exquisite examples of each styles of tea, with 15 grams of each style you'll have 3 sittings with multiple steeps for each tea. If you're unfamiliar with Japanese green teas, you'll find that they have a balance of sweetness and bitterness with a predominant flavor of fresh greens. These are best brewed at lower temperatures to bring out the complexity and richness. They will brew nicely nicely in a porcelain or glass gaiwan or teapot.

 Tea Sampler includes 15 grams of each tea:

Gyokuro - shade grown for three weeks to boost chlorophyl and amino acid production before harvest.
Sencha - futsumushi (regular steamed) sencha serves as an excellent baseline to compare the other teas.
Genmaicha - sencha and crisped rice blend grown by the same farmer at their tea garden.
Kamairicha - a pan-fired green tea, which is uncommon because Japanese green teas usually go through a "kill green" steaming.

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