• Private Tea Tasting - Tea Types 1
  • Private Tea Tasting - Tea Types 1

Private Tea Tasting - Tea Types 1

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I started Quantitea to empower tea drinkers to pour, share, and enjoy tea to the best of their ability. Tea is a form of respite, a way to take a moment and enjoy community.

Last December Quantitea was featured in Tim Ferriss’s “Tools of Titans” and sales quickly expanded across North America. This Friday I invite you to join me in exploring a new offering to the community. I am opening a private tea tasting room to share and educate curious tea drinkers in San Francisco.

In this tea session we dive deeper into the different processing types of tea to help you better understand the classifications. Remarkably all of these teas come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis!


White Tea - Bai Mudan

Green Tea- Luan Guapian

Yellow Tea - Huoshan Huangya

Wulong Tea - Ya Shi Xiang, Duckshit Fragrance Oolong

Red Tea - Jin Jun Mei, Golden Beautiful Eyebrow

Shu Puer Tea - Indefatigable Ox

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