• Qiao Mu Lao Sheng Cha, 2001
  • Qiao Mu Lao Sheng Cha, 2001
  • Qiao Mu Lao Sheng Cha, 2001

Qiao Mu Lao Sheng Cha, 2001

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Qiao Mu Lao Sheng Cha is a Sheng Puer from 2001. It was harvested in the mountains of the Yunnan Province in the spring and is processed into maocha then aged. Naturally occurring microbes ferment the dry tea leaves over time causing a shift from a young sheng puerh into a well-rounded, complex tea.

This tea is earthy, notes of bark with a hint of cinnamon, herbaceousness like geranium greens, oak smoke, camphor, and subtle green grapes, with an underlying rose fragrance

Plant: Camellia sinensis var. assamica
Type: Sheng Puer
Origin: Yunnan Province, China
Harvest Date: April
Plucking Standard: bud and first  two leaves
Process: wither, fix, rolled, dried, fermented/aged
Brewing Parameters: 205F for 1.5 min, 7 steeps

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