• Iron Goddess of Mercy 'Tieguanyin'
  • Iron Goddess of Mercy 'Tieguanyin'
  • Iron Goddess of Mercy 'Tieguanyin'

Iron Goddess of Mercy 'Tieguanyin'

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Tieguanyin is a famous wulong from the Anxi mountains of Fujian Province of China. The green semi-ball shaped loose leaves open up over multiple infusion to a beautiful flavor profile of hyacinth and vanilla, herbaceous, dried apricot, mineral notes.  The floral notes mingled with an ozone attack and the constant undertone of mineral/river stone flavor is easy to discern and good way to 'memorize' this tea.

Plant: Camellia sinensis var. sinensis ‘Tie Guan Yin’
Type: Wulong
Origin: Fújiàn Province, China
Harvest Date: Late April - Early May
Plucking Standard: bud and two leaves
Process: Withering, Rolling/Bruising, Oxidation 20-40%, Fixing, Charcoal fire Drying
Brewing Parameters: 200F for 2 min, 7 steeps
    One package contains 25 grams of loose leaf tea